Footbot - Smart Home Air Quality

Good Air, Good Vibes

Meet the first air quality monitor which takes control of your devices to provide your home with fresh air, 24/7 automatically.


Good air helps you

Stay Healthy

Just like organic food is better for you than junk food is. Get your share of fresh air, and feel great!

Good air contributes to

Better Sleep

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling completely exhausted? That may be due to high PM levels. Just like food, the air your breathe also plays a huge role in your sleep and well-being.

Good air helps you

Reduce allergies

Dust mites allergies, skin rash, and dry eyes are more common for children, and are so uncomfortable. By knowing the levels of particulates in the air, and then controlling it, you’re on your way to fewer allergies.

Good air helps you

Remediate Mold

Don’t wait until mold and moisture invades your household.
Control your level of humidity all year long and avoid unhealthy black mold development.

Good air helps you

Be more productive

Studies identified indoor pollution at work as a cause for dizziness and fatigue. It can influence workers’ productivity, as high as 10%. By keeping your levels under control, you’ll increase your sense of focus. (ASHRAE Journal)