The world’s most intelligent leak & flood protection system for your home.

  • Spots a leak. Sends a signal.
  • No Wifi. No power. No problem. It has backups in place.
  • Shuts off water.
  • Control from anywhere 24/7.

Did You Know?

The average water damage claim costs more than $8,000.
Preventable water damage occurs every 12 sec.
Water damage is more common than Fire/Theft.

The new LeakSmart Snap is an innovative water shut-off valve that installs in seconds with no tools needed. This snap valve fits in any space at any angle on any shut off valve and is strong enough to open the toughest valve in a home. The product programs itself to calibrate the torque required to turn off even the toughest water shut off valve and adjust the flow if necessary. This valve can function without internet and sends notifications if there is an emergency.

  • With a 20-year battery backup, this product is reliable
  • Power outage notifications instantly send alert when the power goes out
  • This product has industrial strength that maneuvers even the toughest valve
  • This valve is a truly scalable product working in new, old, large, and small homes

This valve works with the LeakSmart sensor, LeakSmart Hub, Snap-On Controller or LeakSmart Valve, and the LeakSmart App. The LeakSmart hub can be installed anywhere and communicates between the sensors and the homeowner. The LeakSmart valve sends email, text, and push notifications after any leak is detected in the system.