ClareOne Panic Keyfob CLR-C1-PNC

ClareOne Panic Keyfob CLR-C1-PNC

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ClareOne Panic Keyfob

The ClareOne Panic Keyfob is a wireless hand-held device that can be used as a portable panic button or life-safety device. The keyfob features powerful, exceptional range and has a long-lasting battery.

Important Note - Can only be used with the ClareOne Panel (CLR-C1-PNL1). The ClareOne Panic Keyfob must be within range of the ClareOne Panel to function properly.

Encrypted 433Mhz Technology

The ClareOne Panic Keyfob features encrypted technology that prevents alarm takeovers. It can be used to send a panic alert to the ClareOne Panel.

Rapid Response

Can easily send a signal to the ClareOne Panel and to the central station for assistance.


To signal on, use push/push or push and hold.


Features exceptional range and has a long-lasting battery.

Simple Setup

Pairs easily and quickly with the ClareOne Panel.

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