ClareOne PIR Motion Sensor CLR-C1-PIR

ClareOne PIR Motion Sensor CLR-C1-PIR

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ClareOne PIR Motion Sensor

The ClareOne PIR Motion Sensor is designed to fit seamlessly in the corner or the room or alongside a wall/door. When the PIR senses motion, it transmits an alarm notification to the ClareOne Panel.

Important Note - Can only be used with the ClareOne Panel (CLR-C1-PNL1).

Encrypted 433Mhz Technology

The ClareOne PIR Motion Sensor features encrypted technology that prevents alarm takeovers. It can be affixed to any wall to communicate a faulted zone to the ClareOne Panel.

Passive Infrared Technology

Radiant heat detection helps the sensor detect motion more accurately and remain immune to pets up to 45-80lbs.

Motion Detection

The ClareOne PIR Motion Sensor detects motion up to 90º and is adjustable up to 25' x 35'.

Extension Signal

Features a wireless range that has exceeded 2000' open air (site conditions affect transmission range).

Tamper Protected Case

Features a built-in enclosure tamper.

Simple Setup

Pairs easily and quickly with the ClareOne Panel.

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