Level Up Automation Launches First of Five Showrooms nationwide

Level Up Automation Launches First of Five Showrooms nationwide

Level Up Automation Launches First Showroom in Northboro, Massachusetts.      

(Level Up Automation opens first of five automation technology showrooms across the country)

Thursday, November 4th, 2019.    Level Up Automation announced today that a showroom would be opened in Massachusetts to the public for walk-in demonstrations at their Grand Opening November 7th.  The showroom provides personal end to end technology design appointments for those who have homes or businesses. The geographical location holds significant importance as the CEO, Jennifer Mallett, grew up in Northboro, MA. She attended high school there and opened up Level Up Your Home with offices in nearby Marlboro in 2016 after a fifteen-year career at Bose.

Level Up is a regional home automation company that has opened the first of five automation technology showrooms across the country. Level Up Automation services both residential and commercial markets with technology such as smart locks, smart lighting, smart security systems automated shades, wireless networks, conference room technology, and high-end video and sound systems. Phase two of the showroom will include Virtual Reality designs where VR headsets are used to help end users see technology in their spaces before they select their products.  Connected products enable remote control and monitoring of businesses or homes anywhere in the world through smartphones, voice control or automated scenes that are highly personalized.

Speaking on the importance of this, Jennifer Mallett mentioned that "Right now, your home has the capability to wake up with you. Your business has the capability to be ready right when you walk in without any setup. Automation is highly personalized and helps improve lives through increased conveniences, efficiencies and allows our spaces to be more enjoyable"

"We have a huge opportunity to educate people on things that are frustrating to them. For example, slow wireless networks even though they are paying for high speed. Or not being able to sleep well because of lights not being in sync with natural circadian rhythm (your home should have warm lights at night)." Jennifer continues.

The CEO, Jennifer Mallett, noted that "Technology should work for you. Much of the time, it falls short of this goal. The team at Level Up Automation is here to be invested technology partners, a resource for people lost or frustrated when their technology falls short of what it promises"

Jennifer is often tapped to provide expertise on panels across the country, including the Consumer Electronics Show, CEDIA, and InfoComm.  The Boston Business Journal has recognized Level Up as the 15th largest LGBTE business in Massachusetts.  

The company is excited to bring this expertise in a demonstrable form to help businesses and homeowners benefit from automation. 

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Level Up Automation is changing the world through automation and is positioned as the leading national provider of Smart Home services in the United States. The company operates in 22 US major markets and provides clients services that range from Smart Home Consultations through whole home automation installation and long term ownership support.

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