Level Up Care Technology

Level Up Customer Care Commitment

Level Up Care provides an end to end software, hardware and installation service experience for end users and care organziation professionals who support indivudals in need of technology to support care, wellness and independent living. 
Our solutions support individuals living in their home as well as at care facilities. 
We offer complimentatry deisgn services and comprehensive estimates that balance technology capabilities and client desired budget. Book us online, call or text us at 1-800-979-2791.
Level Up Care Features:
Monitoring with or without Emergency Dispatch
  • Care Dashboard for Care Facility or Caregiver providing live status of units installed by Level Up in homes or a facility environment
  • Customized triggers based on an individuals living spaces (fall, event entry and exit to homes)
  • Does not require voice activation or panic button pushes (however, those elements can be added to the system)
  • Smart Phone App access to features

Smart Access to Homes

  • Smart locks enable an audit history and access for caregivers

Safety and Security Options

  • panic buttons
  • security cameras (internal or external),
  • window and door sensors to ensure the perimeters are secured for the individual (helpful w/ flight risk)
  • Text alerts and notifications

Fall Detection Options

  • Wall mounted
  • Ceiling Mounted
Connected Sleep Mattress Pad
  • Installed underneath mattress 
  • Reports vitals and Recognizes patterns

Professional Installation by Level Up - licensed, insured, vaccinated and background checked technology installers servicing technology care solutions in the following US markets:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Loisianna
  • Massachusetts (HQ)
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island