Smart Homes and Older Homes

Smart Homes and Older Homes

Can an older home, even a late 1800s antiques, be Smart? 

I was asked this question over the weekend while taping a segment for Woman2Woman Today (side note great program led by Jen Maseda, check it out).  The answer is…

Yes, the age of a home for the most part will NOT dictate how Smart it can become with all the new cool home technology out there.

In fact, in SOME ways products becoming more wireless and connected helps older homes more than newer construction homes as it is often the case that drilling holes to run wires is not an option (example horse hair plaster).   

Here are just a few examples:

  • A strong wireless network can be installed on multiple floors and we can amplify your wireless signal using a wireless network booster.  As most devices will not be wired to a router, this is key for an older home.
  • Lighting is an easy add through a change of wifi lightbulbs and a control through your smart device of Amazon Alexa.  Boom, you are telling your older home to turn on the lights and it is “listening”.
  • Security is also an easy Smart Home add as door sensors and window sensors are completely wireless.  Now your security system can chime if your exterior doors open even if the system isn't alarmed so you know if your 3 year old is planning their next great escape!
  • For smart audio, many of the top sound systems are wireless and connect to one another throughout your home.  These systems can be controlled through Smart devices or voice.  If it is a home theater system you are looking for, many have wireless bass modules or rear speakers that require minimal wiring.

Have an older home?  They are charming, have character, and now can be SMARTer than their next door new construction.  We are helping clients with this while retaining the charm and character they love in their older home.  We offer Smart Consultations nationwide and as a blog reader you can use the promo code BLOG for a discount…if you are thinking about it have us out to your home for a quick conversation.


Here’s to staying Smart!

Jen Mallett

CEO/President Level Up Your Home

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  • Ben Hobbs

    Retrofit is becoming a more common thing for us here in the Smart Home industry in Thailand. Things like Philips Hue or LIFX or Ikea Smart Bulbs can be added to a home after it’s been built (no matter how old) as long as you can use standard light fittings for them to screw into. Add in an Alexa or Google Home and for relatively small outlay you now have a voice activated lighting control system, that can also be controlled by your iPhone or iPad at a fraction of the cost of a KNX, Lutron or Crestron lighting system.

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