Smart Properties

Welcome to your Smart Property

Do you own a property with residents who rent?  Protecting your properties by connected smart security cameras, leak sensors, smoke/CO detectors and/or smart locks are a great way to:

  • Lower your property insurance
  • Optimize your rental revenue
  • Stay competitive with amenities in the rental marketplace
  • Ability to capture additional monthly rental revenue with tech savvy property
  • Vastly improved security and risk management of your assets
  • Remote management capabilities on your Smart device or tablet
  • Reduced costs with tenant turnover (i.e. no new keys or lock change out)
  • Mitigate water damage with sensors and automatic water main shut off
  • Be notified of smoke or carbon monoxide without monthly monitoring fees

We have packages specially designed with property owners in mind. 

Level up your properties by calling us or requesting information.  We provide free on site assessments to provide solutions and have the knowledge to install and program your new connected properties for easy control and access

Contact us for our complimentary assessment and white paper to help get you started and to set up a consultation for your properties.

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