What is a network? A home’s central nervous system

What is a network? A home’s central nervous system

A network is a home’s central nervous system. A strong network helps lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s ready for today and tomorrow's technology.

The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity through smartphone and tablet connectivity. A home automation system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other. Devices may be connected through a home network to allow control by a variety of devices and may allow remote access from the Internet.

Through the integration of information technologies with the home environment, systems and appliances are able to communicate in an intelligent manner that results in convenience, energy efficiency, and increased security. Level Up's experience has shown a hard-wired solution almost always works best.

So, why not wireless? For most home networks to have full coverage, access points are needed for communication applications. Wireless should only be used if it is not feasible or cost effective to get a wire to a location. Either way, we will work with you to find a networking solution.

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