Busy Moms (or Dads!) and the Smart Home

Busy Moms (or Dads!) and the Smart Home

Busy Moms and The Smart Home

As a mom and CEO and friend to many moms much busier than me, the Smart Home offers much needed conveniences.  Some I can think of are “if only that door would open by itself” and “I really need to clone myself or hire a personal assistant”  Matter of fact, I can’t think of any demographic more needing of a virtual assistant.

And…its affordable which is what most people do not know yet – many products start under $200.  You can get these products at most big box stores but many use different technologies - wireless, zigbee, zwave, Bluetooth, and the quickly emerging ZipZapZoo (okay I made that up, but I’m sure it is coming).   

Some of these technologies work together and some do not.  Most people do not have the time or patience to figure it out (some do, those early adopter types – bravo for leading the way as usual).  One of the main reasons my company exists is to provide consulting services in the home, free of charge, to provide a recommendation that is best for YOU.  Want it all but can’t afford it all at once?  Many can’t.  Upgrading your home with technology can take some time like all home improvements you plan for.   You might start with your roof and finish the basement a few years later for example.  In the smart home, we start with your wireless network and then work on what is most important to you – safety and security? Environmental health or energy savings? Entertaining in your home with that killer playlist going anytime and anywhere you want it?  You pick what to start with or do it all at once.

Some Examples of Mom (or dad, or human) helpers:

  • A keyless lock that opens your door automatically is so convenient when you have those 14 grocery bags doing the “all at once or die trip”. This happens when you know you aren’t making it to the gym and this almost counts as your work out.
  • The lock alerts your phone to when older kids get home from school and have entered the house safely. Those outdoor smart cameras and video doorbells?  They alert you to movement and show you when strangers are around you home.  Well, if your high school kid is sneaking out at night it will help with that too.  

Virtual Assistants (like Google Home or Amazon Alexa)

  • VAs take your grocery list so you never forget an item – pop up your app in the store and check off those items to – never forget the cream for your much needed coffee morning, afternoon, evening again. VAs never forget.
  • No time for the store? Be the boss and speak up - Virtual assistants will even order that item and it will show up a few days later. You don’t even need to say please or thank you and it happens! (I say thank you, and then remember it is a computer, is that weird?)
  • Need a clean music playlist in snap for an afterschool pizza party on a rainy day? Simply say play “kidzbop” and you won’t hear about the new “special word” the schoolmate heard on your grown up party playlist.
  • This is just the start, they do a LOT and more free features are added every day.

Allergies and Asthma

  • Have a child with asthma or allergies (who doesn’t nowadays?). Smart air filters and monitors work behind the scenes and tell you exactly the status of the air in your home. Did you know that the inside of your home is 7 times more polluted than the outside?  Yeah, so the air monitoring partnered with the air filter is a whole new level.

Wrap it up and put a bow on it

All of this can be tied together into one application on your phone – don’t you have 400 apps already to “help” you manage your life?  If you are like me you might only use 5 of your 400 apps…because who has time beyond those never ending doctor office waiting room visits?  Companies like Wink know that’s a problem and help you aggregate everything into one place – one app to control it all.

Lastly, Smart Homes are really about “home automation” – its effortless and works on its own.  Smart Homes allow scenes to be created – what is a scene?  Make up your “I dream of Jeannie”  wish - if you crossed your arms and blinked what would you want to just happen at all once?  For example, speak the word “Goodnight Home” - all the lights in the house go down, the soft music plays to help you unwind, the doors lock by themselves and you know the raccoon will be recorded on your outdoor cameras picking apart your trash tonight (and you will secure that barrel better next time).

We offer free smart home consultations to all moms, dads (they are busy too!), and humans.  Click to request one, or give us a call, we service all major markets across the US – coast to coast.


Stay Smart!

Jen Mallett Kelmer

CEO and President – and self proclaimed “Busy Mom” – Level Up Your Home



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