Level Up Automation Announces Free Home Tech Support Amid COVID19

Level Up Automation Announces Free Home Tech Support Amid COVID19
100% Complimentary Remote Tech Support from Level Up - 1-800-979-2791, chat, email or our app.
For our customers we are offering free tech online and phone support for the WiFi home technology products amidst the COVID19 outbreak.  Our amazing team of customer service center team members have the ability to be remote based and answer calls, emails and chat requests from home.  We are extending this Mon-Fri from 9am-7pm EST as these are peak hours for Work From Home and Virtual Home Education time for children.
We have decided to extend this for two reasons.
  1. Help support internet continuity for all our clients and their families as they work and entertain themselves from home.
  2. Level Up employees continue to work while we are not conducting home installs providing their skills and expertise remotely.  This helps them with employment hours and provides purpose for our talented team in an area they can help!
If you need help call, email or chat with the team.  We are here to help.
You can also download our App on for Apple or Android devices at the links below - it’s very basic but you can send us pictures through it and click to call.  Links below!
Jen (CEO) and the incredible team of people at Level Up
Level Up Your Home (residential)
Level Up Automation (commercial)

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