Level Up Automation, In Partnership with Emporia, Releases EV Chargers for Residential & Commercial Applications

Level Up Automation, In Partnership with Emporia, Releases EV Chargers for Residential & Commercial Applications

Emporia & Level up Automation have teamed up to release a high-equipped Level 2 EV charger for both residential and commercial use. The powerful smart chargers enable fast and safe charging in all environments.

Aug 23, 2021 – Boston, MA – Level Up Automation, a tech-driven sales, design, and service provider of Smart Home and commercial automation technologies has announced a strategic partnership with Emporia, the world’s leading provider of smart homes energy management products. Through the partnership, Level Up Automation and Emporia brings the most desirable product for anyone looking to charge electric vehicles (EVs) at home or work. The smart EV charger is designed and manufactured by Emporia, a technology company known for its innovation in residential and commercial smart electric vehicle chargers.

Level up Automation is a customer-centric firm that provides access to state-of-the-art smart home products to help its customers create a comfortable living. The company has a mission to guide consumers to the right smart home products for their needs, and they work hard to keep them connected to new innovative devices and services. Last year, the global electric-car market saw a record 41% growth, ultimately leading to the increasing demand for EV-chargers. With the collaboration with Emporia, Level up Automation intends to give its clientele access to the best home and commercial EV charging stations in the market.

Designed with technical expertise and research, the EV chargers by Emporia are innovative, feature-rich, and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a comforting experience for every EV user,” says Braden Spolidoro, spokesperson Level up Automation.


The smart charging device is designed to keep the ease of the vehicle owners in consideration and is a must-have for smart homes. It is compatible with all kinds of electric vehicles. The device comes with an SAE J1772 connector and can be hardwired or used as a plug-in installation. The EV charger offers up to 48A of charging power in a slim, space-saving design. It’s perfect for home or commercial use, placing it near the parking spot (indoor or outdoor) in an IP54 electrical enclosure for maximum safety.

“Increasingly, consumers driving EVs need access to charging stations while travelling.  There are simply not enough in place to meet the demand.  Commercial buildings and business owners benefit greatly from the energy charging revenue stream, increased traffic to their location and loyalty capabilities enabled by Emporia and Level Up charging units. We are excited to address this need with an advanced end to end solution that makes adding EV easy for business and property owners.” – Jen Mallett, CEO Level Up Automation

The EV Charger is the ultimate smart solution for charging commercial & residential EVs. The supports an iPhone / Android app that takes the pain out of managing the electric vehicle charging data. Unlike other dashboards, the Emporia app shows everything about the user’s charging habits. It enables following how much energy is being used to charge the residential EV & commercial EV on a real-time, daily, and monthly basis. A simple click shows all of the charging data in an instant. In addition, the device owners can easily designate the person authorized to use the charging units through the app – it’s the ultimate tool for any electric vehicle owner.

Read more: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/level-up-automation-in-partnership-with-emporia-releases-ev-chargers-for-residential-commercial-applications#ixzz7B60E7pNU


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