Smart Home Wireless Networks for 2017 and Beyond

Smart Home Wireless Networks for 2017 and Beyond

60 Seconds of Smart: Smart Home Wireless Networks for 2017 and Beyond

In the last 20 years technology devices in the home have multiplied to Jetson like levels. When looking for a home, a solid foundation is critical.  In today’s day and age, a solid wireless network in your home or business is as critical as the cement below it.

In our first year of business we have found the number one thing we do to help customers is to get their wireless network humming along to support not just the new technology but also their existing technology.  What they have is just not working up to snuff and often times is creating daily headaches.

What do we look for?  These are the basics:

  • Is the construction in this home hindering the distribution of a wifi signal?
  • Is the cable company supplied router able to handle the demand placed on it with Netflix, YouTube streaming and several devices relying on it to function and provide use to the owner (hint, almost always this is a resounding “not even close”)?
  • Does the customer have access points (they extend the reach of your network to outside and important parts of you need it) in the right places to help extend their network and avoid “dead spots or zones”?

In almost all cases the home network that exists today and is often costing the customer upwards of $60/$70 a month in utility bills is NOT cutting the mustard.  That’s over $600 a year in an expense that is not giving the customer its intended value.

So what do we do?  We build the foundation of the house of today. The house of 2017 and beyond is built on a kick butt wireless network that is effortless, reliable and handles everything thrown at it.

We upgrade the router to a commercial grade product that we know has the strength to more than handle today but also grow with the family or business to support future technology.   This is a one time investment that pays for itself easily through maximizing the investment they are already making with monthly internet cable expenses.

We get asked, what’s the first step to creating a Smart Home? Its foundation, a kick butt wireless network.

We offer free Smart Home Consult to our readers within our 20 major US markets. No obligation to buy anything and a recommendation is provided at every service.  Sign up here.

Stay Smart!

Jen Mallett Kelmer - CEO and Founder, Level Up Your Home 

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