Successful Smart Kitchen & Bath Design Approaches

Successful Smart Kitchen & Bath Design Approaches

In 2021 alone the world spent 600 Billion in home improvements.  Much of that spend resulted in new kitchens and baths.  Clients, builders, remodelers, interior designers and other key trades are asking - how do we modernize these spaces with technology?  How do we bring the elements of a smart home to life within these projects?

All design starts with understanding the client and how the space and technology can serve them best.  Technology design is no different.  Matter of fact, it is really important not to stuff technology into a space for the sake of doing so - smart home technology needs to serve purpose, be well designed and accessible.

That's when the magic happens.  That's when technology works consistently. That's when it is awesome.  

We find that many people are overhwhelmed by the many products and capabilities out there.  Where to start? What to buy? What to wire for? (hint, most technology really isn't "wireless") 

Personalization of smart homes

Our Level Up case study below involves a busy family of four remodeling the kitchen space in a 1927 home.  At our consultation, goals and next level goals were established to help guide the conversation about how, where and what role smart home technology would play with their remodel. 

Client Project goals included:

  • Bring modern luxury to their home within a a defined budget
  • Support living EXPERIENCES in their kitchen through design
  • Enlarge space, remove traditional dining room, add bar
  • Bring beauty to the space with automated lighting that provides tunable whites and color
  • Create a space that lends itself to effortless entertainment - particularly great sounding music capabilities.
  • Allow room for dancing!

Next Level Goals:

  • One button or voice command for everyone to be able to control, not just one person
  • Transform the room at a moments notice (lighting, shades, music, etc)

Within the client's plans, we assisted them in identifying and placing technology within the architectural plans their kitchen designer and builder provided.  Systems in their new kitchen provide automation capabilities from shades, touch screens, lighting to strong WiFi signals that support new smart appliances and fixtures.

Smart home control is multi-functional - allowing maximum flexibikity - touch screen control to music, security, scenes and other features.  Keypad button to replace a traidtional lightswitch enabled advanced scenes to be developed to attain the goal "transform the room at a moment's notice".

smart kitchen graphic with appliances and more


smart kitchen project uses many systems to create scenes
smart lighting trasnformation includes St patricks day green


If you are approaching a home remodel, new build or other home construction projected, reach out to us or book us for a complimentary design consultation.   In person consultations are available in Greater Boston, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, Scotssdale, and Baton Rouge.  Virtual consultations are available nationally within the US.


Jen Mallett

CEO and Founder, Level Up Automation 



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