Welcome to California

Welcome to California

Level Up Automation approved by California to begin establishing franchise units

Level Up Automation, the leading smart home & intelligent building franchise system, has been approved by the State of California to begin establishing franchise units. According to Level Up Director of Franchise Operations, Braden Spolidoro, they have been serving as trusted advisors to homeowners and business partners who are looking to select, install and manage their smart homes and buildings amidst a variety of iOt product choices in the market.

With California being a leader in technology and energy for a long time, now with home and building automation, it is possible to make significant gains in energy management offsetting carbon emissions and providing savings.  With new technology advancements in smart homes, cities, electric vehicles and intelligent buildings, it is now easier to meet the government targets of achieving net-zero emissions within set deadlines.

Founded in 2016 by consumer electronics veteran Jen Mallett, Level Up delivers personalized experiences and needs assessments, and helps end consumers and businesses match technology solutions that are future-ready, and easy for end users to use and operate.

“We don’t believe that one size fits all, while national providers of home technology services have scale and a large footprint, we believe local small business owners trained in our system can deliver the personal attention and build the rapport needed to deliver the long term relationship that is established once technology is installed in a home or business.” said Jen Mallett, founder and CEO of Level Up Automation.

“We know that California is a fantastic place for entrepreneurs, and through local ownership via our franchise set of standards we will provide consistent experiences for customers who are looking to adopt these new technologies in a way that serves them best”,

Level Up strives to select the best of the best, developing businesses that are locally owned and operated, enabling local ownership and entrepreneurship at the market level along with the strength of support at the corporate level.  “I’ve managed home services nationally as well as locally for big brands, I’m a big believer in small business owners and the amount of care they bring clients. I believe we can deliver better than big box retailers and national home service providers can through the fanatic client focus and excellence  we have in our Level Up Franchise system”


It is expected that the technology automation industry will double in the next five years. Level up Automation sees a similar trend to internet and smartphone development and adoption. The curves were small when they started, but accelerated quickly. Analysts predict that connected commercial and residential devices will follow the same trend, with an early indication showing that this has already started.  Braden recalls that smart homes and buildings were a niche about five years ago, but the adoption for an explosive opportunity is here and developing fast. Smart homes, cities, electric vehicles and smart businesses, he adds, all need knowledgeable professionals to scope technology, install, and, at the same time, service it. Braden sees great potential ahead, calling it the business to be in right now. “We have developed and evolved over our first five years, and we can help our franchise owners understand and maximize the business opportunity to create an exciting future in an in-demand industry,” said Braden.  He added that from start-ups to company vehicles and home-based businesses or even fully automated technology retail showrooms, Level Up Automation has successfully built multi-channel systems that provide their franchisees great focus and exceptional standards in a dynamic and everchanging environment.

For more information visit: Www.levelupyourhome.org

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