What is cutting the cord? How does it save you big money?

What is cutting the cord?  How does it save you big money?

Cutting the cord

Our clients often ask us about getting rid of their current cable or satellite providers - also known as "cutting the cord".  With all the streaming options today, there has never been a better time. 

According to an article on bgr.com the average cable bill is $99/ month, and the premium cord cutting options cost $53/ month or an annual savings of $552. 


There are more advantages than just saving money.  Being able to get your content not only on the TV but on smartphones and tablets is a huge win for the family - and provides on the "go" for travelling and vacations.  You can also now place your TV in the best spot visually  instead of where the cable/ satellite feed enters the house.  Lastly, another benefit is that you can customize channels a lot more than with the packages the cable/ satellite providers offer.

When cutting the cord, you will need a very solid internet/ Wifi connection.  Your current network might be great for E-mail and surfing but streaming video really requires a commercial grade network, so when cutting the cord plan on letting Level Up Your Home upgrade your network too.

To see if cutting the cord is right for you check out any of these sites to see if they have your favorite programming and how much it costs per month: 



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